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You have a Joomla powered website and want to give it a more stylish look and enhanced functionality? Or would you like to build a new Joomla site? Well, there is a quick and effective way to do that, and it won’t cost you a dime. Download a readymade template, install it on your CMS and you are...
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Pulls data from other sites into yours

Time Saving Joomla! Extension - foobla customer testimonialI use this to aggregate newsfeeds from other sites ino my k2 articles and it works great. Support is top-notch too...

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Wonderful, easy to use Component

Time Saving Joomla! Extension - foobla customer testimonialI have multiple feeds that need to go to various places, including many different FaceBook pages, all coming from one web site. I installed this component and in 3 minutes all my feeds were going straight to Facebook, nicely styled and hitting the correct pages. Excellent RSS extension, even looks good in Readers. I highly recommend it!.

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