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Holiday Announcement!!!

To our dearest customers,

From 31th Aug to 2nd Sep, we will be celebrating our Independence Holiday. Our support service will still be available since we always put our dearest customers first, but we do not guarantee to serve you within 24 hours. Our top-notch support service will be back to as amazing as normal from 3rd Sep.


Zoo Adapter 3.5 for obGrabber released with more option for duplication check 3 days ago
In this new release we have fixed a bug that make obGrabber unable to store the primary category with Zoo Adapter.  Moreover, another choosing method has also been added for duplication checking, and now users will be able to choose to perform duplication check on Zoo items based of name,...
DjClassfied plugin 3.1 for obRSS released to show images in feeds 6 days ago
obSocialSubmit 3.5.5 released with bug fixed for sub-category listing 6 days ago
obRSS 3.1.17 released with option to customize Read-more text and more 6 days ago
Zoo Adapter 3.2 for obSocialSubmit released with SEF option 2 weeks ago


Pulls data from other sites into yours

Time Saving Joomla! Extension - foobla customer testimonialI use this to aggregate newsfeeds from other sites ino my k2 articles and it works great. Support is top-notch too...

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Wonderful, easy to use Component

Time Saving Joomla! Extension - foobla customer testimonialI have multiple feeds that need to go to various places, including many different FaceBook pages, all coming from one web site. I installed this component and in 3 minutes all my feeds were going straight to Facebook, nicely styled and hitting the correct pages. Excellent RSS extension, even looks good in Readers. I highly recommend it!.

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