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obSocialLogin 3.2.1 released with css bug fixed 2 days ago
Version 3.2.1 for obSocialLogin Module is released. Some css bugs that affect the Login Form appearance on front end is eliminated. Existing customer please get this new obSocialLogin version from your Downloads Area. We have also updated our User Guide for this awesome login module.Please check...
obSocialSubmit 3.4.10 released! Plugins auto activation and multi logs processing is now available. 2 days ago
obGrabber 3.1.15 released, with minor bug fix and remove Template feature 2 weeks ago
K2 Adapter 2.11 for obGrabber released with new Category option for auto posted articles 2 weeks ago
ZOO autopost by obGrabber, 3.3 released 3 weeks ago


Pulls data from other sites into yours

Time Saving Joomla! Extension - foobla customer testimonialI use this to aggregate newsfeeds from other sites ino my k2 articles and it works great. Support is top-notch too...

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Wonderful, easy to use Component

Time Saving Joomla! Extension - foobla customer testimonialI have multiple feeds that need to go to various places, including many different FaceBook pages, all coming from one web site. I installed this component and in 3 minutes all my feeds were going straight to Facebook, nicely styled and hitting the correct pages. Excellent RSS extension, even looks good in Readers. I highly recommend it!.

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