foobla.com is a global web development company. Thong Tran has founded foobla since 2007 and we all falled in love to the Joomla! Extensions Development til now.

The Team

Thong Tran Founder & CEO

Thong TranThong was very young when founded foobla on 2007, right after 1 year when he graduated the Vietnam National University. After years, he brings obMen together and making foobla as today. Always full of ideas, Thong is the bad guy in foobla, he brings busy to obMen. Found tons of new ideas everyday,his hardest stuff is getting rid of unusable idea for foobla.
Kha Nguyen

Kha Nguyen Developer

One of the first obMen, Kha is a big guy behind the best Auto Articles for Joomla! - obGrabber. He falled in love with Notepad++ because of its simplicity, even when he works with his big projects.
Vlado Mazic

Vlado Mazic Designer & Consultant

Vlado is the man behind the foobla brand and our marketing consultant. He is a University of Toronto graduate and a strategic branding guru. He resides in Canada and is a long time friend of foobla founder, Thong Tran.

Kien V. Nguyen Developer

Brilliant developer ever has in the Team, Kien V developed obPHPlist and bring this excellent PHPlist Integration Extension to the Joomla! community.

Tuan Nhu Developer

Tuan is an incommunicative man, he even doesn't have an avatar. But this nice guy is the most effective guy in the team. Everyone at foobla loves him.

Phong Lo Developer

Phong LoJoined from very first age of foobla, this AB blood guy is really genius and ... cranky. Phong is the obMan behind the most popular Auto Social Publish Joomla! Extension - obSocialSubmit. He is really tech lover, he's easy to get married with new technology, new stuff.

Rudolph Pieterse Consultant

Rudolph PieterseFrom Design to Media Training, Rudolph has always been mindful to stay on the cutting edge of advances in the media world. His 16 years experience in Media design and having played the roll of Media Marketing Director, Creative Director and Training Manager in different job roles have given him a solid foundation of knowledge on what drives a brand, and how to connect with clients on a personal yet professional level in order to engage all facets into a creative strategy that’s anchored in passion and perfection.

Kien T. Nguyen Developer

Kien T. Nguyen Another AB blood at foobla, he was bringing his fantasticality to the foobla Help Desk system - obHelpDesk. Kien V used to work in Tokyo, Japan for 5 years; he can use Japanese as goog as a native Japanese speaker. One of his hobbies is playing tennis and bet, yes, playing bet.

Hoa Hoang Designer

Hoa HoangA funniest guy of the Team, Hoa brings funny things to obMen oftenly. He is great at UI stuff, has done hundreds of Joomla! Templates, he is the guy behind 4 versions of foobla templates, and your screen now is designed by Hoa Hoang. 

Thuy Nguyen Marketer

The only lady in the Team. Thuy is the one brings foobla's products to customers. Her daily job is taking care the valued customers and make sure every customers satisfied :)

Working at foobla

It is just like home at the foobla's office. obMen have everything they need to do great things and having fun.