Joomla Help Desk Extension - obHelpDesk 3.1o released, what's new?

This is also a function added to obRSS from the feedback of our dear customer.

Option to exclude Feed from obRSS Menu in 3.1.14

Accessing Joomla Menu >> Main Menu >> obRSS and you will find this Exclude Feeds option in obRSS Page Settings tab. Just clicking there to select Feeds you don't want to show in your obRSS Menu Feed List, and the Feed would disappear from there while still being published.

Valid customer of obRSS can now get this new version from their Downloads area to benefit from this new function.


Users will have more options in controlling the display of Feed item Author with this new 3.3.1 version for Zoo Adapter. They can now choose to display Author of the Feed item with User Id, Author Alias, or User Name. This function comes from a request of our dear customer, and since it's a nice function, we have added it to obRSS Zoo Adapter with this new version.

New Author display options in obRSS Zoo Adapter 3.3.1

Valid customer of Zoo Adapter for obRSS please get this new version from your Downloads area to enjoy the new feed item Author options.

From this 3.2.2 version pipes managing would be much more easier for our dear customers, with the added pipe filter on the Pip Manager page.

Pipe Filter in obGrabber 3.2.2

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K2 Adapter has been released with more options for images saving to let our dear customers exploit K2 item's gallery with obGrabber automated K2 items.

Options to save images in obGrabber K2 Adapter 2.16



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It's been a long time since we last released a new version for the powerful obGrabber, which is the perfect tool for mass data migrating, automatic posting, content curing and data streaming.

In this new version we have a lot of bug fixed as well as improvised functions pulled into the system from the feedback of our dear customers. The silly 1969 date output bug that appeared when date data is in the wrong format is gone, and so do the bug with JHtml tool tip and wrong domain issues in Manual Post mode.

A bunch of improvements has also been made to add some functions required by our dear users and and give them more options to control the performance of obGrabber.

A Timer is now added to Auto Run options in obGrabber Global Configuration board, so you can make schedule for obGrabber Cron Job from the Client Side.


Timer in Global Configuration

Duplication Check has also been improved with both Duplicate Processor and an option in the default Content Adapter.

The Duplicated Processor can now receive an input field to check duplication from. You can choose an Adapter type to ensure a proper perfomance for the Duplication check, or use the default value to make it detect Adapter automatically. You can also enhance the duplication check with conditional command in the Where Clause option.

Duplication check with Duplicate processor in obGrabber 3.2.1

For the default Content Adapter, we've also added another duplication check option to let you choose whether to check duplication by article title, or alias, or both, without having to use a Duplicate processor.

Check Duplicate with default Content Adapter Advanced option

This new Content Adapter has also been enhanced with the ability to Remove Old Tags.

Another default component, the RSSReader Engine has also been improved with a Time Zone option you can use to reset created time for your automatically generated articles.

Time zone picker in default RSS Reader Engine Advanced panel

Moreover, some other components that come with the default installation pack has also been enhanced with new options in this 3.2.3 version.

You can now choose to import only articles with image attached with the Stop if not found image option in Get Image processor.

Select only articles with images for import with Get Images processorNote: from this version the Default Image option will only accept images on the same server with your obGrabber installation.

2 output field selectors have also been added to Combine processor to make the usage more convenience for our dear customers.

Output field selectors for Combine processor

Our customers can add these awesome functions to their obGrabber by getting this new 3.2.1 version from your Downloads area for a re-installtion.