obRSS 3.1.0 released - one version for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3

When deleting a pipe obGrabber 3.1.15 will detect all the processors that this pipe called, and purge them out of your pipe system. The problem caused by cached processors affecting your new pipe is now gone. 

We've also added a "remove" button next to the exported Template of a pipe so that you can clean unnecessary templates from your pipe system.

Remove button to delete unnecessary templates

Our Customers please get this new version of obGrabber from your Download area.

We have included a new Category field to the Adapter Inputs of this new K2 Adapter version for obGrabber. Users can utilize it to define new Category for articles to be automatically posted during the setup of an obGrabber pipe.

Category field added in K2 Adapter to define new Category for auto posted articles

If the Category defined here already exists in your K2, obGrabber will add the auto posted articles to it. If this Category hasn't been added to your K2 system, obGrabber will automatically create it for you. 

This Adapter Input will overwrite the initial Categories option in the basic settings of your obGrabber K2 Adapter

[ia]category will overwrite this option for articles auto posted on K2



ZOO autopost by obGrabber, 3.3 released

ZOO autopost by obGrabber, 3.3 has released, here is the changelogs:

~ Compatible obGrabber 3.1.8

+ Added JText to .xml file.

Existing customer can download this latest version from the download area.

Both obGrabber & ZOO autopost plugin for obGrabber can be found at the obGrabber pricing page.


The “fields” folder for Get Fulltext processor is now included in the xml file for obGrabber 1.13. The bug caused by this error in previous version is eliminated.

Some improvements regarding component templates are also included. Component template folder is now grouped into ~media/com_obgrabber for easier management. The list of templates will only be displayed if the matching pipe file exists. obGrabber will also check if a template folder exists before loading.

Our customers can download this latest version from the Download area.

In this new version the bug in Image processor when grabbing images from redirected links is fixed, along with some new features.

Your Pipes can now be exported as template. Click the arrow next to [Export] button and you will see this new option.

Get Fulltext Processor is also equiped with Charset option you can use for content in non-latin languages.We also added a line counter to the left of its Parser-code input box for easier code tracking.

Our customers can download the latest version 3.1.8 from the download area in your account.