K2 to Content - Import K2 items to Joomla Content Articles

K2 to Joomla Content Article Importer - 1 click solution

Import K2 to Joomla Content Articles in 1 click

Import K2 to Joomla Content Articles in 1 click

This killer plugin is for importing K2 back to Joomla content articles

K2 to Content Joomla extension is for importing from K2 categories & K2 items into Content Articles categories & Content Articles items by pressing a button in Articles Manager page.

K2 itself has ability to import from standard Joomla Content Articles to K2 items but doesn't offer to import the other way (from Import from K2 to Content), this Joomla Importer extension is for doing that, import from k2 to Content, includes: categories & items.

K2 to Content Importer Installation & Usage

  • Download the K2 to Content Importer Joomla! plugin from the foobla.com download area.
  • Install the K2 to Content Importer Joomla! plugin as regular Joomla! plugin.
  • Enable installed K2 to Content Importer Joomla! plugin.
  • Go back to Content > Article Manager, you will see [K2 to Content] button there, just like the way K2 put the same button in K2 Items Manager page.
  • Click that button to import Joomla K2 items to Joomla Content Articles. All existing Content Categories and Articles will be erased automatically before the importing process begin.
  • The K2 to Content button will be disappeared automatically after the process finished. You have no reason to use it again on that Joomla site.

For a more detailed User Guide with screenshots, please read: Joomla K2 to Content Articles: Installation and Usage

K2 to Joomla Content Converter - Troubleshooting

  • If you pressed the "Import K2 items" and got the success message but there is no Joomla articles actually imported >>> SOLUTION: try to go to your Articles Manager, empty every existing Categories & Articles from your Trash as well.