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The best Digital Joomla Shopping Cart Extension with Subscriptions / Membership abilities.

DigiStore Joomla! Extension The best Digital Joomla Shopping Cart Extension with Subscriptions / Membership abilities.

Version: 3.1.1b13

Compatible: Joomla! 2.5 Joomla! 3.x

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Why DigiStore? A Joomla Shopping Cart extension for downloadable products that works on both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3

 Are you looking for an eCommerce Joomla Extension?

 Are you looking for an Shopping Cart Joomla Extension?

 Are you looking for an Subscriptions - Membership Joomla Extension?

 Are you going to selling Digital, Downloadable Products using Joomla?

 DigiStore is here, free to download

  • Selling multiple types of products

    Only with DigiStore Joomla Extension, you can sell downloadable products with subscriptions, shipable product, service or even package/bundle in one place.

    Joomla Shopping Cart selling multiple product types
  • Easy to manage your Joomla Shopping Cart with DigiStore Dashboard

    See every neccessary stuff in one place, you can easily go to important areas directly

    Joomla Shopping Cart DigiStore Dashboard
  • Subscriptions Plans

    Subscription plans allow you to define the amount of time or downloads your customers get when they purchase a product.

    Joomla Extensions Digistore Subscriptions Plans
  • Licenses

    Each product you sell automatically creates license which defines the time frame to download the product licenses. Our Joomla Shopping Cart comes with a powerful Licenses Manager that allows you to quickly see all the licenses assigned to customers when placing an order.

  • Customers

    Manage every aspect of your customers in the Customer Manager customerManage, edit and add new customers with our CRM for Joomla! You can search for a specific customer based on a name or an e-mail address and you can also add new customers, whether or not they are already a member.

  • Packages

    Make more of each sale by offering product packages. The package can include more than one product or the same product more than once. altA great way to increase both your Return on Investment (ROI) and gross revenue is to create packages. If someone wants to buy, why not offer them other products in a bundle? It will save them money and make you a lot more money without any additional effort! It will also decrease your cost per sale, which is how much money you spend on advertising to generate a sale.

  • Tax System

    Our tax system covers every scenario on every country's tax laws. You can also import tax rules from a CSV file. altiJoomla DigiStore's comprehensive new tax system covers every aspect of your store’s taxes. The default values should enable you to get started quickly, but you can use the basic or advanced settings to change them according to your needs.

Lots more will update soon...

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