Joomla Auto Articles - RSS Feed to Content Articles Automatically

Auto RSS Feed to Joomla Content Articles for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 2.5

We are no longer support this product for new customer. Please use the best Joomla Automatic Articles - obGrabber instead.
We reduced the price for obFullTextRSS in the case you want to use it without support.

obFullTextRSS Overview

This Joomla Automatic Articles extension allow you to create Joomla Automatic Articles from RSS feed sources with FULL CONTENT GRABBER, no matter the RSS feed source provides full-text or not.

With Cron-Job builtin, this Joomla Automatic Articles extension grab content automatically under a schedule which under your control.

obFullTextRSS works under GNU/GPL license and compatible Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5, work on PHP5+ only.

Quote Open Excellent Extension
Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 This is by far the best option if you need a proffessional solution to post articles automatically on your Joomla! website. I tried almost every component of this kind for Joomla! and I strongly belive this one is the best.
I use this component to post article on a Joomla! (2.5.6) news website with more than 200.000 articles published and over 400 categories. I use obFullTextRSS to run a cronjob automatically publish articles in my news website from more than 100 RSS sources and this extension does a great job.
It helped me to build a huge news website very fast with great control of: articles are automatically published and their SEO, multimedia,authors,keywords and category filter. Quote Closed
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obFullTextRSS Features Discover how it be the most powerful RSS Grabber for Joomla!

  • Automatic Articles: grab RSS content source and put it into Joomla automatically.
  • Full Text RSS: grab FULL TEXT RSS, FULL CONTENT RSS no matter the source offers or not.
  • Grab images and store into Joomla  articles automatically.. [?].
  • Schedule: run cronjob automatically, no server setup require [?].
  • Flexible keywords filter [?].
  • Set the article creation date to match the date provided in the Full Text RSS feed [?].
  • Post new content unpublished.
  • Quick creating sections [?]/categories [?].
  • Preview mode [?]: able to view the results without saving to database.
  • Ignore posts with less than X characters.
  • Flexible strip tags [?].
  • Non-ASCII characters replacements for article alias [?].
  • Full parametersas regular article as, you can setup Author, Access Level, Created Date, Start Publishing, ... [?]
  • ONE-CLICK upgradeto newer version.
  • Details User Guide can be found at:

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