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Have you ever used Uservoice? Perhaps, you like its useful features. However, whether you want or not, you have to pay monthly fee to use it. Would you like to have something that is similar to Uservoice on Joomla with unlimited features and no monthly fee?

obSuggest extension is a great way to collect ideas, suggestions and votes from your customers. Designed specifically for Joomla CMS, it lets you create forum on your website within minutes. Managing forum becomes easier with useful tools. The most special function is to export database to XML format, import database from XML backup files and importing ideas from Uservoice account. It can filter bad words , suggestions status list, statistic actions... You can choose language and default status that you like. Your customers can create article, share ideas, vote ideas, comment for ideas, search existing ideas... With the friendly interface and useful features, it is a good solution for your website.

Important communication aspects

If you want to be independent from third party, such as UserVoice, this component is right. Quickly installed and functioning properly. It does what it promises. And suggestions are actually an important means of communication with website users.

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obSuggest features Discover the way obSuggest help you to collect users feedback

  • AJAX base for frontend.
  • Allow to import ideas from Uservoice account.
  • Bad words filter.
  • Export database to XML  format.
  • Import database from XML backup file.
  • Flexible user permissioning.
  • Easy to implement, ONE-CLICK Installation package: 01 component (backend & frontend) + 02 plugin + 01 module.
  • Express Install Tools in backend.
  • One-Click upgrade to newer version.
  • Translation Manager built-in.

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