obGrabber 3.2.5 released with a lot of improvement in image options

In this version our Images Input for Content Adapter has been broken into 2 options: [ia] images would be used for the Intro Image and [ia] full_images would be used for other images in fulltext.

Images Input for Content Adapter in obGrabber 3.2.5

Some other setting options have also been added to Get Images processor:

obgrabber 3-2-5 getimages

Users can now decide to stop after grabbing the number of images they want, create subfolder or remove old files that already existed in the folder used to store images grabbed by Get Images processor.

Moreover, the Force File Extension will now allow you to force image format for image files retrieved by Get Fulltext.

Our dear customer can start getting this new obGrabber version from their Downloads area and try out these new Image setting options.

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