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This light-weight plugin helps you hide admin menu and admin bar items in Joomla back-end simply by selecting the check-boxes corresponding to said menu items and click "Save". You’ll have a simplified menu for your clients, users. That will help you hide some important menu items that you don’t want them to access, like settings page, account detail page, etc.

The plugin also has very simple interface that you will be able to understand and use in 5 minutes!

For detailed instructions on how to install and use it to Hide Admin Menu items from you Joomla! back-end, please follow this link.

Please visit our Shop for Joomla! Goodies or join the foobla Goodies club to start hiding your Admin Menu Items with this awesome plugin.

Today we have released version 3.3 for User Switcher to fix a language bug reported by our dear customer. Morover, redirect options have also been added, allowing users to select destination for page redirection after switching users or switching back.

Redirect options in User Switcher Module 3.3

User Switcher is the awesome module that allows staff and administrators to quickly swap between user accounts in Joomla at the click of a button. It would be very helpful for a test environment where you regularly log out and in between different accounts, or for adminstrators who need to switch between multiple accounts.

Customers of User Switcher can now get this 3.3 version from their Downloads area to fix language problem if they are experiencing it, or setting a redirect destination after each switching action.

Customers who need to equipt User Switcher on their website will be able to find it at our Shop for Joomla! Goodies.

Youtube Engine 3.1 for obGrabber would make it much more easier for you to stream video from Youtube on your Joomla! articles. In previous version it has already been a very helpful tool that helps you automatically stream any of your favorite clips from Youtube, simply by adding them to a Playlist, but it has become even more convenient with these newly added output fields.

New output fields in Youtube Engine 3.1 for obGrabber

Other from [oe] title that would retrieve the video names for you to use as article titles, other 2 output fields for clip default images and thumbnail images are also added. With these fields you can choose to extract associated images from Youtube Playlist and save them on your local server to use them as you pleased on your Joomla article, together with other content extracted from the detail video page.

You can follow this link to see an example of a streamed video clip with default image from a Youtube Playlist on or demo website.

Customers who have already purchased Youtube Engine can now get this upgraded version from their Downloads area to add these awesome clip thumbnails to their automated articles with streamed videos from Youtube. Or you can follow this link to purchase Youtube Engine and start streaming slips automatically on your Joomla site.

In this version Ebay Engine for obGrabber has been empowered with a very important output: [oe] product_url

This output would return the link to the detail page of your product, giving you the ability of extracting any thing from these Ebay product pages with Get Fulltext processor and import them to your Joomla system.

Customers who uses obGrabber Ebay Engine to import products automatically from their Ebay stores please get this new update from their Donwloads area to benefit from this awesome function.

In this version our Images Input for Content Adapter has been broken into 2 options: [ia] images would be used for the Intro Image and [ia] full_images would be used for other images in fulltext.

Images Input for Content Adapter in obGrabber 3.2.5

Some other setting options have also been added to Get Images processor:

obgrabber 3-2-5 getimages

Users can now decide to stop after grabbing the number of images they want, create subfolder or remove old files that already existed in the folder used to store images grabbed by Get Images processor.

Moreover, the Force File Extension will now allow you to force image format for image files retrieved by Get Fulltext.

Our dear customer can start getting this new obGrabber version from their Downloads area and try out these new Image setting options.

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