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In this new release we have fixed a bug that make obGrabber unable to store the primary category with Zoo Adapter

Moreover, another choosing method has also been added for duplication checking, and now users will be able to choose to perform duplication check on Zoo items based of name, alias, or both.

Customers who use obGrabber to generate Zoo items for their Joomla site automatically from outside sources such as RSS Feeds, Youtube or Google News etc... are recommended to get this version 3.5 of Zoo Adapter from their Downloads area to get their proble with primary category fixed, as well as benefit from the new duplication check function.

It's just a quick update!

obRSS can now include image in Feeds made from DjClassified items.

Valid customers please get this 3.1 version of DjClassified plugin for obRSS from their Downloads area to start publishing item images in their DjClassified Feeds.

With feedback from our dear customers, we have found and fixed a bug in obSocialSubmit default Content Intern that could cause error in listing sub-categories, making it difficult for users to select only articles from subcategories for auto broadcasting on social networks, or if they want to autobroadcast sub-categories on different social network channels.

Customers of obSocialSubmit are adviced to get this version from their Downloads area to fix this problem.

Yesterday we have released version 3.1.17 for obRSS with 2 more options to let give you more control on the content of your RSS Feed. 

If you want to show articles in deeper level than the level set with option "Access", you can switch "Only This Access Level" to "No". . This option would help you tease general readers with intro text from articles with deeper access level, and probably would turn some of them into registered members of your site.

obrss 3.1.17 level


The other option is for you to add a custom text as replacement for the boring "Read more..." phrase. 

Option to customize Read-more text in obRSS 3.1.17

Customers of obRSS can now get version 3.1.17 from their Downloads area to benefits from these new options.

A SEF option has been added into the Advanced Settings tab of Zoo Adapter 3.2 for obSocialSubmit. An installation of this new Add-on will allow you to use SEF URLs on auto-broadcasting posts that obSocialSubmit automatically send to social network channels on your behalf from Joomla Zoo.

SEF option in Zoo Adapter 3.2 for obSocialSubmit

Customers of our product obSocialSubmit are adviced to get this Zoo Adapter from there Downloads area now to benefit from this new feature.


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