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It's been a long time since we've had an upgrade for this plugin and a lot of new features has been added to this 3.5 version of HwdMediaShare plugin, which would allow obRSS to work with this powerful Joomla media gallery that allowed Joomla webmasters to display media in an organised and manageable layout on the internet.

Users can now store their media files in <enclosure> tag, as well as setting a number for the amount of media files that can be shown in a Feed Item.

Customer of our obGrabber can now get HWDMediaShare plugin from their Downloads area to start making media RSS Feeds right now.

HWDMediaShare 3.5 plugin for obRSS


For obRSS 3.1.16 a new SEF tab has been included in obRSS Global Configuration that allow you to setup SEF URLs for your Feeds.

Access this tab and you will see that there are options to set URL prefix for every Feed Format that you will need.

SEF tab in obRSS 3.1.16 Configuration

Our precious customers can start download this new obRSS version from their Downloads aea to benefit from SEF URLs right now.


In our new version 3.2.4 for obGrabber you will find many new features added to basic components in our standard package, lie Get Fulltext processor, Get Images processor or RSSReader Engine. 

For RSS Reader Engine, users will find a new Option has been added to the Advanced tab that will allow them to retrieve articles from RSS source in published date order, in case they are not arranged by said order in the original Feed.

Option to Order By Date in obGrabber 3.2.4 RSS Reader Engine Advanced tab

The Get Fulltext processor has also been improved with another cURL level so that it can fetch content from more sources. 

New cURL level in obGrabber 3.2.4 Get Fulltext processor

And since we have also received a case where images need to be retrieved from RSS Feed <enclosure> tags, a new input has also been added to Get Images processor, allowing it to extract images from the field [oe] enclosure that RSS Reader engine retrieves from your RSS Feed.

New input to receive [oe] enclosure in obGrabber 3.2.4 Get Images processor

The Duplicate processor has also been deployed to help improve the speed of your cron job with an option to automatically detect the working Adapter.
Auto detect working Adapter with Duplicate processor in Obgrabber 3.2.4 

Customers can start downloading this new version from their Downloads area to be able to bring benefits from these advanced features to their obGrabber system.

This is also a function added to obRSS from the feedback of our dear customer.

Option to exclude Feed from obRSS Menu in 3.1.14

Accessing Joomla Menu >> Main Menu >> obRSS and you will find this Exclude Feeds option in obRSS Page Settings tab. Just clicking there to select Feeds you don't want to show in your obRSS Menu Feed List, and the Feed would disappear from there while still being published.

Valid customer of obRSS can now get this new version from their Downloads area to benefit from this new function.


Users will have more options in controlling the display of Feed item Author with this new 3.3.1 version for Zoo Adapter. They can now choose to display Author of the Feed item with User Id, Author Alias, or User Name. This function comes from a request of our dear customer, and since it's a nice function, we have added it to obRSS Zoo Adapter with this new version.

New Author display options in obRSS Zoo Adapter 3.3.1

Valid customer of Zoo Adapter for obRSS please get this new version from your Downloads area to enjoy the new feed item Author options.

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