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With the release of our Linked Company Add-on version 1.0 for obSocialSubmit, our dear customers can now stream content from their Joomla websites automatically on their Company Pages on LinkedIn.

obSocialSubmit LinkedIn Company add-on is the plugin that allows obSocialSubmit to automatically broadcast content from your Joomla website to your chosen LinkedIn Company Pages. After installing you will be able to see LinkedIn Page in obSocialSubmit Connection Type. This type of connection will handle content prepared by your obSocialSubmit Adapters and automatically publish them to your Company Page on LinkedIn.

For an User Guide on how to set up this plugin for an automated Stream to publish your Joomla content to LinkedIn groups, please read the instructions on Broadcasting on LinkedIn Company Page with obSocialSubmit .

To purchase this awesome add-on and start having your LinkedIn Company Page updated automatically in sync with your Joomla website, please visit our shopping page for obSocialSubmit.

From reports from dear customers about cases of errors in obSocialSubmit Zoo Add-on, we have re-examined the add-on and eliminated the bug that made obSocialSubmit unable to select Zoo Categories for their Stream.

Current valid customers of obSocialSubmit and Zoo add-on please get this new version 3.1.1 from their Downloads area to fix this error.

Yes!!! All you have to do now is clicking a button and log in with your Facebook Account.

No more Facebook Developer Account, no more verification with phone number or credit card, no more Facebook App registering, no more anything. All that keep you from all those sweet auto generated broadcast postings on Facebook is just a little, green, clickable, button.


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Important Notice: Since September 15th - 2018, because of the limitation of the resources, our support services have stopped with all kind of licenses! We are really sorry for that!