ZOO Adapter plugin for obGrabber

ZOO is a flexible, extensible and powerful content application builder to manage joomla sites’ content. It allows you to create "Apps" inside the the component then create page types, and content elements including forms, images, videos, ratings... for each page type.You can also import your content from Joomla, CSV files and popular Joomla components. This adapter offers ability to obGrabber to grab content into ZOO as ZOO items

Explore How you can control this awesome obGrabber plugin - ZOO Adapter features:

  ZOO Application: option to choose the destination application of ZOO's grabbed items.

  Item Type: option to assign the type to the grabbed items.

  Categories: option to assign the list of categories for the grabbed items.

  Primary Category: option to pick 1 primary category for the grabbed items.

  Published: option to set public status for the grabbed items.

  Searchable: option to make the grabbed items are searchable or not.

  Comments: if Yes, your grabbed items could be commented.

  Frontpage: option to set the grabbed items as the frontpage.

  Duplicate By: option to choose the way of checking duplication.

  Created by: you could set author for the grabbed items.

  Created by alias: option to set the author alias name for the grabbed items.

  List of input fields: they could be specific for each Item Type you picked up. Very flexible?

$ 25