Email Engine of obGrabber

Deal with your configured mailbox to grab email contents.

Explore How you can control this awesome obGrabber plugin - Email Engine features:

  Host: option to put the host of your mail server.

  Port: option to put the port of your mail server.

  Username: the area to put the username of mail account.

  Password: the area to put the password of mail account.

  Limit: option to limit the number of fetched emails.

  Protocol: option to set the protocol of mail server.

  SSL: option to let the engine know your mail server uses SSL or not.

  Offset: option to choose the ordering of reading emails.

  Display Images: if Yes, the images will be displayed in [oe] body with base64 format.

  Store Attachments: if Yes, the attachments from fetched emails will be stored into a temporary folder.

  Convert Subject to UTF8: option to convert subject of fetched emails to UTF8.

  Output fields list: subject, date, body, from and to.

$ 15