Ebay Engine of obGrabber

This engine allow grabbing Ebay products. It is built up only for obGrabber

Explore how you can control this awesome obGrabber plugin!

  Store Link: The link where you want to grab the products from. It should be a normal HTML page. For example: the demo store link. This link is using HTML for displaying the data of products.

  Product Limit: option to set the limit of products which want to be fetched.

  Image Size: option to define the size of grabbed product images.

  XPath Query: option to define the path to HTML area which contains a list of products.

  Get Only Links: option to choose only picking the URL(s) of products.

  Output fields of each fetched product: product_id, product_title, product_image, product_price, product_description and product_url.

$ 15