Links Finder Engine of obGrabber

This fantastic engine should be used to fetch the URLs of items from any HTML webpages.

Explore How you can control this awesome obGrabber plugin - Links Finder Engine features:

  Container URLs: area to put the URL of HTML webpage which you want to grab the items from.

  Container Area: area to put The XPath queries to the area where the items locate. Should try to input the correct queries!

  Item Format: area to put the general format of item's links. For example:*)/(*)/(*).html!

  Limit: option to limit the number of fetched items.

  Decode: option to decode the title into utf8.

  Format Page: option for trying fetching items from other next pages.

  Absolute Host: option to put the missing domain if the links of items are not absolute.

  List Elements: option to only pick up the list of specific items base on their ordering.

  Force Title: option to even fetch links which do not have title.

  Output fields of each fetched item: title, link, title_attribute and alt_attribute

We are also providing an online tool for this engine at Demo Links Finder

$ 19