K2 RSS feed plugin for obRSS


K2 RSS Feed is much easier, more control with obRSS Joomla Extension.

obRSS is the best RSS Feed Syndicate extension for Joomla. K2 add-on empower obRSS to create ultimate RSS Feed for K2 extension.

Not only creating ultimate RSS Feed for K2, you can take advantages from obRSS such as: Merge RSS Feeds together into a big one OR manage & display all of yours RSS Feed stuff into one place in your Joomla site front-end.

$ 15

Main features for K2 RSS Feed

  Access: filter by the access level of K2 items.

  Categories: filter by K2 categories.

  Excluded Categories: option to hide items from the specific categories.

  Tags: filter by K2 tags

  Authors: filter by K2 authors

  Excluded User: option to hide items from the specific users.

  Image Size: option to select the image size from K2 image tab.

  Show Image: option to choose the way to show images.

  Image Align: option do choose the align the image in feed item description.

  Fulltext: option to show/hide K2 fulltext.

  Intro Text: option to show/hide K2 intro text.

  Show Author: option to show/hide K2 author.

  Category: option to choose a way to show K2 category.

  Featured: option to show/hide K2 featured.

  Show Video: option to show/hide K2 Video from K2 Video tab.

  Show Extra Fields: option to pick a way to show extra fields in description or as additional element (like a RSS tag)

  Attachments: option to show/hide attachments in description.

  Show Tags: option to show/hide K2 tags.

  Show Last Modified Date: option to show/hide the last modified date.

  Show K2 Item ID: option to show/hide K2 Item ID.

  Order: option to choose how to sort ordering of K2 items.

  Order Date: option to sort ordering by created or modified date.

  Podcast Media: option to pick the media source for enclosure podcast tag.

  Custom CSS: option to define the specific style for the description of feed's item.

  Custom Text: option to add a specific text at the bottom of the description in each feed's item.

  Display Gallery: option to show/hide the gallery if using Simple Image Gallery Pro.