ZOO plugin for obRSS

ZOO is a flexible, extensible and powerful content application builder to manage joomla sites’ content. It allows you to create "Apps" inside the the component then create page types, and content elements including forms, images, videos, ratings... for each page type.You can also import your content from Joomla, CSV files and popular Joomla components.

ZOO RSS Feed is an add-on for obRSS extension enabling users of obRSS to create ultimate RSS Feed for content related to ZOO extension. You can customize the options on how the Feed will be shown, what formats and which languages to use and randomize your feeds. obRSS can possibly do the same awesome things with Joomla Content Articles, and any other 3rd parties like K2, VirtueMart, Eventlist, Files, Twitter, ZOO, hwdVideoShare, redSHOP, redEVENT ... and manages these RSS Feed in one place only.

Explore How you can control this awesome obRSS plugin - ZOO RSS Feed features:

  Select Categories: filter by ZOO Categories.

  Select Type: option to filter by ZOO types.

  Front Page only: option to show only the Front Page articles.

  Access: option to filter by access level.

  Author: option to filter by the author.

  Author Display As: option to decide the way of displaying the info abour author.

  Display Image: option to choose image source to be displayed in the description of feed item.

  Image Position: option to decide the place for displaying the image.

  Image Align: option to set the align of image.

  Order: order the items in the feed.

  Order: order the items in the feed.

  Templates: option to build up a template for the feed item's description. There is the list of available fields to use.

  Separate Element: option to decide how the fields should be displayed in the feed.

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