redSHOP plugin for obRSS

redShop is the most advanced webshop system ever created for Joomla. It works right out of the box with the integration of Accounting, shipping, payments and other professional functions that helps saving lots of time for users. Besides, with more than 100 extensions, modules and plugins and even more 3rd party extensions and support from the template clubs Rockettheme, Gavickpro, Joomlabamboo, redSHOP is one of the top extension highly suggested for users.

obRSS is an excellent extension for Joomla. It not only creates ultimate RSS Feed for Joomla Content Articles, but also generates RSS Feed in various formats for any other 3rd parties like K2, VirtueMart, Eventlist, Files, Twitter, ZOO, hwdVideoShare, redSHOP, redEVENT ... and manages these RSS Feed in one place only. redSHOP rss feed allows you to create RSS Feed for the content managed by redSHOP and customize how your RSS Feed will be shown. You can also randomize the RSS Feed to give it a new look whenever you want even without adding new content to your site.

Explore How you can control this awesome obRSS plugin - redSHOP RSS Feed features:

Select Categories: filter by redShop Categories.

Number of Products: option to limit the number of products.

Show Image: option to show/hide the image in feed's item description.

Product Thumb Image width: option to put the width of the thumbnail image.

Product Thumb Image height: option to put the height of the thumbnail image.

Show price: option to show/hide the price of product in the description of feed's item.

Show short description: option to show/hide the short description of product.

Show Description: option to show/hide the description of product.

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