redEVENT plugin for obRSS

redEVENT is an awesome extension built over the popular but yet limited event component eventlist. This extension enables to create and manage unlimited events easily and flexibly. With the simple but powerful and customizable input forms from redFORM, you can make small simple signup forms or you can go all the way and do full registration formulas for the attendees to your events. This is such a dynamical extension handling events for Joomla.

redEVENT rss feed is the add-on that allows you to create RSS Feed based on the content of redEVENT. You can have various choices to customize the look of your RSS Feed, choose a Feed format that meets your own requirements and even merge two or more RSS sources into one feed with RSS Merge add-on. Give it a try and enjoy its outstanding functions.

Explore How you can control this awesome obRSS plugin - redEvent RSS Feed features:

  Categories: filter by redEvent Categories.

  Show Venue: option to show/hide the event venue.

  Select the Venue link type: option to select the link type of venue.

  Show only Featured Events: option to only pick up the featured events.

  Show Event Description: option to choose the way to display the description.

  Show Session Description: option to show/hide the description of the section.

  Show date info: option to show/hide the info about event date.

  Hide time: option to show/hide the event time.

  Show enddate/endtime: option to show/hide ending date and ending time.

  Show Event Image: option to show/hide the event image.

  Add link Image: option to add link into event image or not.

  Event Image Width option to customize image width when displaying on the feed.

  Event Image Height: option to customize image hight when displaying on the feed.

  Order By: option to order the events on the feed.

  Sort by: option to sort: descrease or ascrease.

  Enable Title length and Title length: options to truncate the title of feed's item.

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