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Joomla Social Submit

#1 Social Auto Publish Joomla Extension to post from Joomla to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,... effortlessly


Nov 18 2011

Latest update

Nov 14 2017




Joomla 2.x, 3.x

What it does?

See how this auto social poster Joomla extension saves your precious time

Joomla Social Submit - obSocialSubmit is all you need to publish your Joomla contents (K2, FLEXIcontent, DocMan, VirtueMart, Eventlist, ... it's extend-able) to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, ... it's extend-able too). Social Media Marketing is now easier with this automated Joomla extension.

This setup & forget extension offers you fully control of:

  • What to publish! from Joomla Content Articles or popular 3rdparty Joomla Extensions such as: K2, ZOO, SobiPro, DigiStore, VirtueMart, JEvents
  • Where to publish! includes almost popular social networks, such as: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • How to publish! define-able Message templates with number of placeholders will satisfy every needs.
  • When to publish! Smart scheduler handles old posts as well as future posts.
Good component, great support !

What a helpful tool that that one. Less work to communicate on FB or Twitter with my K2 blog. More : a great support, quick and efficient ! Thanks a lot to all the team...

BigStef in Joomla Extensions Directory

Why obSocialSubmit?

Discover the most powerful Auto Social Publish solution for Joomla.


Publish from ANY 3rd-party Joomla Extension
Do Joomla Social Media Marketing mission by submitting ANYTHING from your Joomla to ANY Social Networks. Each obSocialSubmit "Adapter" is for dealing with a Joomla Content Component or 3rdparty Joomla Extension. We offer lowest plan which contains Content adapter as built-in. You can extend obSocialSubmit power by getting more obSocialSubmit Adapters from the extension pricing page.


Publish to ANY social networks
Publish to ANY online Social Networks in the world...Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Buzz, Hyves, Ping.fm. We call each social network as "Connection" in obSocialSubmit. The Eco plans comes up with Twitter as built-in connection. Depends on your needs, obSocialSubmit - Joomla social submit can sastify you with plenty of connections on the extends page.


Multiple Instances
Create many adapters for each intern addon as well as multiple Twitter, Facebook, ... accounts. Only available with MI Edition obSocialSubmit.


Shorten URL
Support popular URL shorten services: goo.gl, bit.ly, is.gd. And works well with YOURLS API.


Formatting publish message
Define yourself how the message looks like on the social networks with plenty of place-holders.


Publish to social network sites with your own brand
Your publish message looks professional with your own branding. Just take a few minutes to create your own Twitter app, Facebook app or LinkedIn app to use with obSocialSubmit connections, but you get benefit using your own brand on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn messages.

Site & Admin handling

Handle every actions from both Frontend & Backend. No matter you post content from Joomla site or Joomla admin area, your post will be published to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn automatically (if you set it to post immediately) or placed in the queue to publish to social network sites later. Don't worry about how the queue be executed, it's the mission of the Smart Scheduler, it just works seemlessly.

Easy to Use

The extension designed for non-technical customers, making sure everyone can use it fairly straightforward. The only difficulty is creating Twitter app, Facebook app or LinkedIn app; however, we provided details instruction in step-by-step, so you won't get any trouble with that.

Auto Social Publish

Saves your precious time by doing boring social publish stuff automatically, out-of-box with smart scheduler.

One click installation

Express Tools for quick implementation of other modules, plugins.

Buy now from $25

We offer 30 days money back guarantee. Get obSocialSubmit risk-free.

obSocialSubmit Addons

obSocialSubmit Connections Bundle
All obSocialSubmit connections
obSocialSubmit adapters Bundle
All obSociaSubmit Adapters
Joomla auto post on LinkedIn Company
LinkedIn Company connection add-on of...
Joomla auto post to Tumblr Profile
Tumblr connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post to VKontakte
Vkontakte connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post to Blogger / Blogspot
Blogger connection of obsocialsubmit
JoomShopping adapter for obSocialSubmit
RokQuickCart adapter for obSocialSubmit
HikaShop adapter for obSocialSubmit
Joomla auto post on LinkedIn Group
LinkedIn Groups connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post on LinkedIn
LinkedIn connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post to Facebook Group Add-on
Facebook Groups connection of obSocialsubmit

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