Tumblr connection of obSocialsubmit

This plugin offers the solution for auto posting from Joomla to Tumblr.com for obSocialSubmit.

obSocialSubmit can handle content items from any 3rd-party Joomla content manager, and broadcast them on social network channels automatically when they are created or updated. For example: K2 Adapter is the Add-on that allows obSocialSubmit to work with content items managed by Joomla! K2 Extension. You will be able to choose items to automatically publish to social networks by Category, build templates for your auto posts on social networks, and more...

With this add-on, you will be able to expose content from you Joomla website to a largest range of readers and potential customers possible, increasing the effectivity of your internet marketing or content promotion, by auto broadcasting each and every update to your friends, followers and customers on Tumblr.

Support all four post formats: text, link, chat, quote and photo.

$ 15