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#1 Digital Joomla Shopping Cart / Membership Extension - DigiStore 12 September 2013 Why DigiStore? A Joomla Shopping Cart extension for downloadable products that works on both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3  Are you looking for an eCommerce Joomla Extension?  Are you looking for an Shopping Cart Joomla Extension?  Are you looking for an Subscriptions
15+ Best Free Joomla Templates for 2016 08 April 2015 You have a Joomla powered website and want to give it a more stylish look and enhanced functionality? Or would you like to build a new Joomla site? Well, there is a quick and effective way to do that, and it won’t cost you a dime. Download a readymade template, install it on your CMS and you are g
Admin Menu Hider 06 November 2013 Joomla Admin Menu Hider
Admin Menu Hider - User Manual 05 September 2014 Admin Menu Hider is a light-weight plugin that helps you hide admin menu and admin bar items in Joomla back-end simply by selecting the check-boxes corresponding to said menu items and click "Save".  Install and Activate Admin Menu Hider plugin To install Admin Menu Hider, you will need to go to
AdsManager RSS Feed by obRSS Joomla Extension, 2.9.6 released 02 January 2014 AdsManager is one of the best Joomla extension to manage Ads for your Joomla! based website. obRSS with AdsManager plugin will help you to create & manage AdsManager RSS/JSON/XML Feeds in one place. AdsManager plugin for obRSS will add ability to obRSS to create & manage ultimate Feed for
AdsManager RSS Feed by obRSS, 2.1 released 23 March 2013 AdsManager is a cool extension to manage Ads for Joomla! based website. obRSS with AdsManager addon will help you to create & manage AdsManager RSS/JSON/XML Feeds in one place. Today, we released 2.1 version for the AdsManager addon for obRSS, which make it pretty flexible to filter by particu
AJAX Cart for VirtueMart 06 April 2016 AJAX Cart for VirtueMart Module
Announcement about Joomla! 2.5 support 14 January 2015 Dear valued customers, As mentioned on the previous post, Joomla! 2.5 was end of circle. foobla is a part of the Joomla! Community and will stop supporting Joomla! 2.5 (or lower) after March 1st, 2015.
Article Menu Plugin 19 April 2016 Remove Article ID in URLs with Article Menu Joomla Plugin
Auto post from Joomla to Blogspot / Blogger using obSocialSubmit 07 February 2014 The best Joomla Auto Social Publishing Extension - obSocialSubmit itself provide ability to publish from any Joomla third-party extensions to any Social Networks. We recently extend the meaning of "Social networks", obSocialSubmit can publish not only to real social networks but Invision Power Boar
Auto posting with obSocialSubmit VKontakte Add-on 02 May 2014 To broadcast updates from your Joomla website automatically on your profile on VKontakte, please follow the steps bellow: Step 1 - Create a VKontakte Connection After Installing VKontact Add-on through obSocialSubmit Plugin Manager, please go back to the Stream Manager page and click on the <&l
Automatically post by email with obGrabber Email Engine - User Guide 15 July 2014 Post by Email is a way of publishing articles on your Joomla site automatically by sending emails to a specific mail address. This method allows you to publish articles quickly and easily from mobile devices like cell phones or tablets. To post by email with obGrabber, you will need an email ad
Automatically publish K2 items to social networks 27 May 2011 Joomla Social Submit - obSocialSubmit is the ultimate automated internet marketing tool. It is all you need to automatically publish updates from your Joomla! website to common social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Group... and more. With its various Adapters, one for every
Broadcasting on LinkedIn Company Page with obSocialSubmit - User Guide 23 June 2014 LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that is mainly used for professional networking, and it is the perfect online base in case you want to add network element to your business and therefore, draw more business from the internet. obSocialSubmit LinkedIn Company add-on is the pl
Broadcasting on LinkedIn Groups with obSocialSubmit - User Guide 27 May 2014 LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that is mainly used for professional networking, and it is the perfect online base in case you want to add network element to your business and therefore, draw more business from the internet. obSocialSubmit LinkedIn Groups add-on is the p
Broadcasting on LinkedIn with obSocialSubmit - User Guide 17 April 2014 LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that is mainly used for professional networking, and it is the perfect online base in case you want to add network element to your business and therefore, draw more business from the internet. obSocialSubmit LinkedIn add-on is the
Bundle Engines of obGrabber 29 January 2016 All available engines of obGrabber package.
Bundle Processors of obGrabber 29 January 2016 All available processors of obGrabber package.
Cannot update extension from Extensions Manger :: Update area 20 February 2014 All paid-extensions from foobla.com has version notification feature which let you be noticed every time a new version released over Joomla Extensions Manager > Update area. That is just for notification, to update the extension, please go to your download area on foobla.com, download the latest
Change Kunena page title for better SEO 18 March 2014 Kunena is a the best Forums extension for Joomla!. But there is some stuff which need to be done for a better SEO results when you using Kunena Forum to offer community support for your customer. The most important thing is the page title for Kunena topic. By default, it presents as "foobla :: Topi
Convert K2 to default Joomla Content Articles 12 March 2014 Converting K2 items to Joomla Content Articles can be so easy with just one click now using K2 to Content Migrator by foobla. K2 is a strong CCK to turn Joomla! Arcticles into enriched content items, but what if: You need to use a module or a component that doesn't support K2, The functions you
Create dynamic Google XML Sitemap for Joomla using obRSS 21 December 2013 What is XML Sitemap? Here is the defination of Sitemap on Wikipedia The Sitemaps protocol allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available for crawling. A Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. It allows webmasters to include additional infor
DISQUS 06 November 2013 Joomla DisQus Description Installation ChangeLog Screenshots Description The lightweight DISQUS / comments plugin for Joomla, works seamlessly with every Joomla extensions ex:Content, K2, ZOO, FLEXIcontent, VirtueMart, MyBlog, DigiStore.... This DISQUS Joomla extension allows you to
DjClassfied plugin 3.1 for obRSS released to show images in feeds 27 August 2014 It's just a quick update! obRSS can now include image in Feeds made from DjClassified items. Valid customers please get this 3.1 version of DjClassified plugin for obRSS from their Downloads area to start publishing item images in their DjClassified Feeds.
Docman RSS Feed link to Download in 3.2.1 version 03 March 2014 Docman RSS Feed by obRSS is now offering option to link each rss feed item to download instead of Docman Document details page. obRSS is the best RSS Feed Creator Joomla extension, Docman plugin for obRSS adds ability to obRSS to create RSS Feed for Docman.Existing customer can download the latest
Drag & Drop Images Uploader 12 May 2014 Drag & Drop Images Uploader for Joomla
Drag & Drop Images Uploader 3.2 released with bugs fixed 21 May 2014 In this new version for Drag & Drop Images Uploader, the bug that hide tabs over the editor area has been cleared. We have also clear other php and ajax message that might disturb users while using our plugin Drag & Drop Images Uploader. Our dear customers are adviced to get this
Drag & Drop Images Uploader 3.2.1 enables frondend drag & drop 23 May 2014 New version 3.2.1 for Drag & Drop Images Uploader will enable front end drag & drop upload. It would be perfect for co-operative authors who doesn't have deep knowledge about Joomla and coding. Our dear customers please get this new version from their Downloads Area and upgrade th
Duplicate images in RSS Feed 25 March 2014 When we create RSS Feed using obRSS with an enclosure tag filled with an image, you will probably have the image in both enclosure tag and feed item description. The above thing will render duplicate images in some browsers or when being burned via Feedburner. You can absolutely ignore that probl
Ebay Engine 3.1 for obGrabber released with new output field 03 September 2014 In this version Ebay Engine for obGrabber has been empowered with a very important output: [oe] product_urlThis output would return the link to the detail page of your product, giving you the ability of extracting any thing from these Ebay product pages with Get Fulltext processor and import them to
FLEXIcontent Adapter 06 June 2014 Flexicontent Adapter plugin for obGrabber
Flexicontent plugin 3.1.3 for obRSS released with more awesome options 29 January 2016 It is our honor to announce the new release of Flexicontent 3.1.3 plugin obRSS version….with more options as follow: Check if JParamete class is existing or not to decide using class JRegistry. User notification for every new version update of Flexicontent plugin via Joomla Updates. Get the c
Font Awesome 06 November 2013 Editor Button for Font Awesome
Font-Awesome Loader 17 May 2016 Font-Awesome Loader plugin for Joomla
Generate content for social networks auto posting with Content Adapter 03 April 2014 obSocialSubmit works by submitting content from your Joomla website to various social networks automatically every time there is an update. It will help you reach the most audiences as it brings your announcements to all your friends and followers. obSocialSubmit can handle auto posting on common so
Get Meta Processor 29 January 2016 Get Meta processor of obGrabber
Good luck on foobla with Random Gifts 23 November 2013 Early today, we implemented one of our Joomla Goodies, Random Gifts, to get you, our valued customers some funs in the coming Christmas season. So, when you surfing around the foobla.com website, if you see falling snow, you are a lucky customer. There is a hidden gift in the Gift Box, you hove
How to auto post on Facebook Walls, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups - obSocialSubmit Manual 02 April 2014 From version 4.0 of Facebook, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups add-ons for obSocialSubmit, we have included an option for obSocialSubmit to connect with user's Facebook Accont using foobla App. Please follow this link for an instruction on: How to auto broadcast on Facebook Wall, Facebook Pages an
HwdMediaShare plugin for obRSS upgraded to 3.5 with a lot of new options 22 August 2014 It's been a long time since we've had an upgrade for this plugin and a lot of new features has been added to this 3.5 version of HwdMediaShare plugin, which would allow obRSS to work with this powerful Joomla media gallery that allowed Joomla webmasters to display media in an organised and mana
JEvents Adapter 29 January 2016 JEvents Adapter for obGrabber
Joomla 2.5 end of circle - time to migrate to Joomla 3 05 December 2014 Joomla 2.5.0 was released since January 2012, it was a long time since. Joomla 2.5.28 is going to be released on December 10th 2014 as the final release of the 2.5 series. People should migrate to Joomla 3 asap, here is the instruction https://docs.joomla.org/J3.2:Upgrading_from_an_existi
Joomla auto post on LinkedIn 21 February 2013 LinkedIn connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post on LinkedIn Company 23 June 2014 LinkedIn Company connection add-on of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post to Blogger / Blogspot 07 February 2014 Blogger connection of obsocialsubmit
Joomla auto post to Tumblr Profile 13 May 2014 Tumblr connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla Help Desk Extension - obHelpDesk 3.1o released, what's new? 08 February 2014 obHelpDesk - a brilliant Joomla Help Desk extension is the most usage Joomla Extension in foobla.com, we use it to offer our top-notch support to our valued customers and we really made obHelpDesk for our life :) After our long TET holiday, we figured out that we can save more time by adding some n
Joomla K2 to Content 3.2.5 released with bug fixed 16 May 2014 In this new version some bugs that affect the plugin ability to automatically register parent category for imported items is fixed.    The issue with JToolbar class and Joomla 2.5 is also corrected. Our dear customers please get the new version of this plugin from your Downloads Are
Joomla K2 to Content Articles 23 January 2014 K2 to Content Articles for Joomla
Joomla K2 to Content Articles: Installation and Usage 27 May 2014 Joomla K2 to Content Articles is the ultimate plugin to import all items from K2 to Joomla Content while still keeping the extra data, like media fields or item categories. It is compatible with both Joomla 2.x and Joomla 3.x. (This instruction for Joomla_2.5.) Before installing this plug-in,
Joomla K2 to Content Migrator 3.3 released with more capacity for Categories conversion 09 June 2014 From this version 3.3 we've just Joomla K2 to Content Migrator one-click converter, the conversion capacity has been pushed to a new limit. The plugin can now import up to 3000 Categories and 3000 items from K2 to Joomla Content quick and easily. The Javascript issue that caused a bug with Chrome
Joomla K2 to Content Migrator 3.3.1 released! Category Meta now also imported! 10 June 2014 In this version 3.3.1 for Joomla K2 to Content Migrator, a bug that make users unable to Cancel the import process when working with our plugin in Chrome is now eliminated. Joomla K2 to Content Migrator has also become more powerful with the ability to import even Category Meta Information from K2
Joomla Migration Service from 1.5/2.5 to Joomla 3 14 January 2015 Joomla! Migration Service by Joomla! Experts at foobla Joomla! 3 Migration Service is now available at foobla. Let's our 5+ year-experienced gurus do this complicated migration job for you. ORDER JOOMLA MIGRATION SERVICE Joomla 2.5 is end of circle Joomla! 2.5.28 released on December 10th 2014
Joomla Update can't detect new available release in Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 19 December 2013 Yesterday, Joomla! 2.5.17 and Joomla! 3.2.1 released. From early Joomla 2.5, we have one-click Joomla Update feature which allow Joomla user to say goodbye for uploading file using FTP and benefit updating Joomla to the latest version in one click, that Joomla Update feature was long waited feature
Joomla! Black Friday is Coming... 25 November 2014 The program is closed. In this season, we have big offers for you to get the best Joomla! Extensions in the market for increadible price, I'm not sure we can provide this kinda offer again. The season sale will be available til the Cyber Monday next week. It's time to save your mon
Joomla! RSS to Content - An obGrabber Overview 21 March 2013 obGrabber is the most powerful Joomla Extension to grab anything from the Internet (or even from your local server) to publish on your Joomla site automatically. It can auto post grabbed content to Joomla default Content or any 3rd-party extensions such as K2, ZOO, VirtueMart, JoomShopping... I
Joomla! Song :: Joomla! la la - It's a Geek Thing! 23 January 2014 Joomla! la la It's the way we program when we're doing our thing Joomla! la la It's the system we use for the content you bring Joomla! la la la la la la la la (+/-'la's) It's a geek thing We need your money before we get started... oh oh
JoomShopping jShopping RSS Feed by obRSS, now supports JoomShopping 4.x 04 March 2014 JoomShopping RSS Feed is now ready to work in Joomla 3, obRSS 3 (the best RSS Syndicate Joomla Extension) and JoomShopping 4.x. To download the latest version for the JoomShopping plugin for obRSS, please go to the download area from your account.
K2 Adapter 2.11 for obGrabber released with new Category option for auto posted articles 02 April 2014 We have included a new Category field to the Adapter Inputs of this new K2 Adapter version for obGrabber. Users can utilize it to define new Category for articles to be automatically posted during the setup of an obGrabber pipe. If the Category defined here already exists in your K2, obGrabb
K2 Adapter 2.13 for obGrabber released with new Duplication Check options 31 May 2014 Please get this new version of K2 Adapter for obGrabber to enjoy the new control it gives you on K2 item duplication check. With this 3.12 K2 Adapter, you will be able to choose whether to perform article duplication check by Title or Alias, or both.You can also choose to perform Duplication C
K2 Adapter 2.16 for obGrabber released with new options for images and categories 16 July 2014 K2 Adapter has been released with more options for images saving to let our dear customers exploit K2 item's gallery with obGrabber automated K2 items.    
K2 Adapter 3.4.3 for obSocialSubmit released with fixed JText issue 03 May 2014 The issue with JText is eliminated in this version 3.4.3 for K2 Adapter for obSocialSubmit. Valid customers please get it from your Downloads Area to fix this problem.
Kunena RSS Feed by obRSS, 3.0.5 released 12 March 2014 obRSS is the best RSS Feed Syndicate Joomla extension to create ultimate RSS Feed for Joomla in multiple formats. obRSS can be used for creating RSS Feed for Kunena forum Joomla extension using Kunena plugin for obRSS. Kunena RSS Feed by obRSS, 3.0.5 released to improve the output of the feed, disp
Massive Redirects 06 November 2013 Massive Redirects Joomla Extension
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 - Gift from foobla 19 December 2013 Dear valued customers, Before the new year coming, we have a gift for you. Using: SPEEDYXMAS13 coupon code, and get up to 35% discount for every purchases on both foobla.com and obtheme.com . Here are some awesome Joomla Extensions & Joomla Templates which you don't want to miss in this holid
New Goodies release - Admin Menu Hider 05 September 2014 This light-weight plugin helps you hide admin menu and admin bar items in Joomla back-end simply by selecting the check-boxes corresponding to said menu items and click "Save". You’ll have a simplified menu for your clients, users. That will help you hide some important menu items that you don
No more crazy Facebook App Reviews! One click connection with obSocialSubmit Facebook add-ons 4.0 13 June 2014 Yes!!! All you have to do now is clicking a button and log in with your Facebook Account. No more Facebook Developer Account, no more verification with phone number or credit card, no more Facebook App registering, no more anything. All that keep you from all those sweet auto generated broadcast po
obGrabber - Automatic Articles Joomla Extension 11 September 2012 What it does? See how obGrabber Aggregator Joomla Extension saves your precious time Dreaming of an Ultimate Tool to grab / fetch ANYTHING from out-side and store it into ANY 3rd party Joomla! Extensions? or simply auto post from RSS Feed to Content Articles? or Joomla RSS Aggregator Extension?
obGrabber 3.1.11 released, Import / Export feature added 25 February 2014 obGrabber is the best Joomla extension for auto posting articles or 3rd-party data from outside content such as RSS Feed, XML Feed or more. Early today, we released obGrabber 3.1.11 version which added two new cool things.
obGrabber 3.1.15 released, with minor bug fix and remove Template feature 04 April 2014 When deleting a pipe obGrabber 3.1.15 will detect all the processors that this pipe called, and purge them out of your pipe system. The problem caused by cached processors affecting your new pipe is now gone.  We've also added a "remove" button next to the exported Template of a pipe so that y
obGrabber 3.1.16 released with a lot of new functions demanded by our dear customers! 28 April 2014   Yes, our dearest customers are such an endless source of inspiration. Thanks to their brilliant suggestion, a lot of new functions has been added to our new version for obGrabber. You can now:  Add word number filter to Get Fulltext processor, so it would fetch articles with spe
obGrabber 3.2.1 released with a bunch of bug fixed and improments 15 July 2014 It's been a long time since we last released a new version for the powerful obGrabber, which is the perfect tool for mass data migrating, automatic posting, content curing and data streaming. In this new version we have a lot of bug fixed as well as improvised functions pulled into the system from
obGrabber 3.2.2 released with pipe filter and more bugs fixed 17 July 2014 From this 3.2.2 version pipes managing would be much more easier for our dear customers, with the added pipe filter on the Pip Manager page.
obGrabber 3.2.4 released with improvements for Get Fulltext, Get Images and RSS Reader Engine 21 August 2014 In our new version 3.2.4 for obGrabber you will find many new features added to basic components in our standard package, lie Get Fulltext processor, Get Images processor or RSSReader Engine.  For RSS Reader Engine, users will find a new Option has been added to the Advanced tab that will allo
obGrabber 3.2.5 released with a lot of improvement in image options 03 September 2014 In this version our Images Input for Content Adapter has been broken into 2 options: [ia] images would be used for the Intro Image and [ia] full_images would be used for other images in fulltext. Some other setting options have also been added to Get Images processor: Users can now decide to s
obGrabber Email Engine 3.0 is released with new options for offset and item limit 15 July 2014 Post by Email is a way of publishing articles on your Joomla site automatically by sending emails to a specific mail address. This method allows you to publish articles quickly and easily from mobile devices like cell phones or tablets. Now you can also build this convenient automated
obGrabber FLEXIcontent Adapter 3.0 released with new Input fields for item images 06 June 2014 From this 3.0 version the FLEXIcontent Adapter will allow obGrabber to insert images and featured image as well as image caption into their native places for FLEXIcontent items.  FLEXIcontent is an advanced content management system developed to greatly enhance the native article manager of Joom
obGrabber Google News Engine is back again! 11 June 2014 We have brought Google News Engine back for obGrabber with this brand new 3.0 version. The add-on has been uploaded with adaptation to make it works with new changes from Google News. Our dear customers can now get it from their Downloads Area and enjoy selecting articles from Google News with keywo
obGrabber K2 Adapter 2.15 released with more Input fields 23 June 2014 More input fields has been added to this version 2.15 for obGrabber K2 Adapter to give our dear customers more setting options in customizing items automatically created by obGrabber.
obGrabber System Requirements 07 March 2014 In order to have obGrabber run smoothly on your Joomla site, please make sure you have below system environment: Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3.x. PHP version: 5.3 or higher. JSON, cURL, mbString PHP libraries enabled. file_get_contents PHP function enabled. simplexml_load_string PHP function enabled
obGrabber v1.13 released! Bug fixed for Get Fulltext and some improvements for component templates. 25 March 2014 The “fields” folder for Get Fulltext processor is now included in the xml file for obGrabber 1.13. The bug caused by this error in previous version is eliminated. Some improvements regarding component templates are also included. Component template folder is now grouped into ~media/com_o
obGrabber v1.13 released! Bug fixed for Get Fulltext and some improvements for component templates. 25 March 2014 The “fields” folder for Get Fulltext processor is now included in the xml file for obGrabber 1.13. The bug caused by this error in previous version is eliminated. Some improvements regarding component templates are also included. Component template folder is now grouped into ~media/com_obgrab
obRSS 3.1.13 release! Joomla 3.x tags is now supported 20 May 2014 Great ideas from our customer feedback are always a big inspiration for new fuctions in our product. This new version of obRSS will allow you to make Feeds based on the advanced Joomla 3.x tags system. Please find the Tags box and click on it to choose tags that will indicate which artiles wil
obRSS 3.1.14 released with option to hide Feeds from Feed List Menu 21 July 2014 This is also a function added to obRSS from the feedback of our dear customer. Accessing Joomla Menu >> Main Menu >> obRSS and you will find this Exclude Feeds option in obRSS Page Settings tab. Just clicking there to select Feeds you don't want to show in your obRSS Menu Feed List, a
obRSS 3.1.16 released withSEF link added in backend 22 August 2014 For obRSS 3.1.16 a new SEF tab has been included in obRSS Global Configuration that allow you to setup SEF URLs for your Feeds. Access this tab and you will see that there are options to set URL prefix for every Feed Format that you will need. Our precious customers can start download this new
obRSS 3.1.17 released with option to customize Read-more text and more 27 August 2014 Yesterday we have released version 3.1.17 for obRSS with 2 more options to let give you more control on the content of your RSS Feed.  If you want to show articles in deeper level than the level set with option "Access", you can switch "Only This Access Level" to "No". . This option would help
obRSS Plugins/Addons Compatible list 26 January 2014 obRSS 3.x compatible list Compatible: Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.x Here are the list of obRSS addon/plugin which compatible to obRSS 3.x (this list will be updated oftenly): AdsManager Cobalt DocMan DTRegister FLEXIcontent HikaShop HwdMediaShare JEvents JReviews jShopping K2 Kunena Po
obSocialLogin 3.2.1 released with css bug fixed 17 April 2014 Version 3.2.1 for obSocialLogin Module is released. Some css bugs that affect the Login Form appearance on front end is eliminated. Existing customer please get this new obSocialLogin version from your Downloads Area. We have also updated our User Guide for this awesome login module.Please check t
obSocialLogin revived in version 3.3 09 September 2014 The light-weight obSocialLogin module, that will allow users to login with their account on various social networks in stead of  requiring them to go through a dready resigter process, has been brough back to our JoomlaGoodies club with version 3.3.
obSocialSubmit 3.4.10 released! Plugins auto activation and multi logs processing is now available. 17 April 2014 In this version of obSocialSubmit, some minor issues has been fixed. Together with it, obSocialSubmit plugins will also be activated automatically after installing. You will no longer have to acces Plugin Manager to do it manually. Multiple log processing is also available. Just select the broadca
obSocialSubmit 3.5.1 realeased for both SI and MI with a renovated User Interface 08 May 2014 Today we at foobla team can finally annouce the release of the awaited obSocialSubmit 3.5.1 for both SI and MI. Both Editions (SI and MI) of this verion will work with Joomla! 3.x, and an even better news is you won't have to go through the compatible list when picking an add-on to work w
obSocialSubmit 3.5.2 released with changed URL Shortener service 23 May 2014 Since we have found a bug that makes is.gd URL shorten service stopped working from the report of our dear customers, the new version 3.5.2 is released today to change obSocialSubmit built-in URL shortener to goo.gl, to ensure the functionality of this awesome extension. Customers are adviced
obSocialSubmit 3.5.5 released with bug fixed for sub-category listing 27 August 2014 With feedback from our dear customers, we have found and fixed a bug in obSocialSubmit default Content Intern that could cause error in listing sub-categories, making it difficult for users to select only articles from subcategories for auto broadcasting on social networks, or if they want to autobr
obSocialSubmit Blogger Add-on 2.0 is released for Joomla 3.x 21 June 2014 obSocialSubmit Blogger Add-on is now compatible with Joomla 3.x with this newly released 2.0 version.Customers of obSocialSubmit who uses Joomla 3.x can now get this Add-on from our shop for obSocialSubmit and have the benefit of having your Joomla articles automatically published to Blogger/Bl
obSocialSubmit can now automatically post on LinkedIn Company Pages 23 June 2014 With the release of our Linked Company Add-on version 1.0 for obSocialSubmit, our dear customers can now stream content from their Joomla websites automatically on their Company Pages on LinkedIn. obSocialSubmit LinkedIn Company add-on is the plugin that allows obSocialSubmit to automatically bro
obSocialSubmit Plugins/Addons Compatible list 26 January 2014 obSocialSubmit MI (2.x for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x for Joomla 3.x) compatible list Here are the list of obSocialSubmit addon/plugin which compatible to obSocialSubmit MI (this list will be updated oftenly): Cobalt HikaShop JEvents JReviews jShopping K2 Kunena rokQuickCart RSEvents Pro RSS Me
obSocialSubmit Zoo Add-on 3.1.1 released with bug fixed for Category Select 21 June 2014 From reports from dear customers about cases of errors in obSocialSubmit Zoo Add-on, we have re-examined the add-on and eliminated the bug that made obSocialSubmit unable to select Zoo Categories for their Stream. Current valid customers of obSocialSubmit and Zoo add-on please get this new version
Recent Bookmark 06 November 2013 Recent Bookmark for Joomla back end
redSHOP 11 June 2014 redSHOP adapter for obSocialSubmit
redSHOP plugin for obRSS, 3.1.3 released, compatible obRSS 3.x & redSHOP 1.3.x 04 December 2013
RSEvent Pro Add-on 3.2.3 for obSocialSubmit released with event icon detect function 15 July 2014 From this new version RSEven Pro add-on for obSocialSubmit will have the ability to detect even icons to use for the automatically generated post that obSocialSubmit broadcast automatically on various social networks. If an event icon doesn't exist, the image in your event description will be used

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