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AdsManager 16 September 2012 AdsManager plugin for obRSS
AdsManager RSS Feed by obRSS Joomla Extension, 2.9.6 released 02 January 2014 AdsManager is one of the best Joomla extension to manage Ads for your Joomla! based website. obRSS with AdsManager plugin will help you to create & manage AdsManager RSS/JSON/XML Feeds in one place. AdsManager plugin for obRSS will add ability to obRSS to create & manage ultimate Feed for
AdsManager RSS Feed by obRSS, 2.1 released 23 March 2013 AdsManager is a cool extension to manage Ads for Joomla! based website. obRSS with AdsManager addon will help you to create & manage AdsManager RSS/JSON/XML Feeds in one place. Today, we released 2.1 version for the AdsManager addon for obRSS, which make it pretty flexible to filter by particu
Auction Factory 26 June 2014 Auction Factory plugin for obRSS
Community Answers 26 June 2014 Community Answers plugin for obRSS
Community Builder 26 June 2014 Community Builder plugin for obRSS
Create dynamic Google XML Sitemap for Joomla using obRSS 21 December 2013 What is XML Sitemap? Here is the defination of Sitemap on Wikipedia The Sitemaps protocol allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available for crawling. A Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. It allows webmasters to include additional infor
DJ-Classifieds 26 June 2014 DJ-Classifieds plugin for obRSS
DjClassfied plugin 3.1 for obRSS released to show images in feeds 27 August 2014 It's just a quick update! obRSS can now include image in Feeds made from DjClassified items. Valid customers please get this 3.1 version of DjClassified plugin for obRSS from their Downloads area to start publishing item images in their DjClassified Feeds.
DocMan 26 June 2014 DocMan plugin for obRSS
Docman RSS Feed link to Download in 3.2.1 version 03 March 2014 Docman RSS Feed by obRSS is now offering option to link each rss feed item to download instead of Docman Document details page. obRSS is the best RSS Feed Creator Joomla extension, Docman plugin for obRSS adds ability to obRSS to create RSS Feed for Docman.Existing customer can download the latest
FLEXIcontent 06 June 2014 FLEXIcontent plugin for obRSS
Flexicontent plugin 3.1.3 for obRSS released with more awesome options 29 January 2016 It is our honor to announce the new release of Flexicontent 3.1.3 plugin obRSS version….with more options as follow: Check if JParamete class is existing or not to decide using class JRegistry. User notification for every new version update of Flexicontent plugin via Joomla Updates. Get the c
Hikashop 26 June 2014 Hikashop RSS Feed plugin for obRSS
Hot Property 26 June 2014 Hot Property RSS feed plugin for obRSS
HwdMediaShare 25 February 2013 HwdMediaShare RSS feed plugin for obRSS
HwdMediaShare plugin for obRSS upgraded to 3.5 with a lot of new options 22 August 2014 It's been a long time since we've had an upgrade for this plugin and a lot of new features has been added to this 3.5 version of HwdMediaShare plugin, which would allow obRSS to work with this powerful Joomla media gallery that allowed Joomla webmasters to display media in an organised and mana
JCal Pro 26 June 2014 JCal Pro RSS feed plugin for obRSS
jComments 26 June 2014 jComments plugin for obRSS
jEvents 26 June 2014 jEvents RSS feed plugin for obRSS
Joomla! Black Friday is Coming... 25 November 2014 The program is closed. In this season, we have big offers for you to get the best Joomla! Extensions in the market for increadible price, I'm not sure we can provide this kinda offer again. The season sale will be available til the Cyber Monday next week. It's time to save your mon
Joomshopping 08 May 2017 Joomshopping plugin for obRSS
K2 08 September 2012 K2 RSS feed plugin for obRSS
ListBingo 26 June 2014 ListBingo plugin for obRSS
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From Foobla 19 December 2016 Happy holiday! We would like to take this moment to say thank for your always supporting and trusting us, wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness.
Mosets Tree 26 June 2014 Mosets Tree plugin for obRSS
Music Collection 26 June 2014 Music Collection plugin for obRSS
NeoRecruit 26 June 2014 NeoRecruit RSS feed plugin for obRSS
obRSS 3.1.0 released - one version for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 31 May 2013 obRSS - the best RSS Feed Syndicate Joomla Extension released a new version which compatible both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3. From now on, obRSS no longer supports Joomla 1.5 (old versions are still available to download which work on Joomla 1.5). At the time of posting this blog, there are number of
obRSS 3.1.13 release! Joomla 3.x tags is now supported 20 May 2014 Great ideas from our customer feedback are always a big inspiration for new fuctions in our product. This new version of obRSS will allow you to make Feeds based on the advanced Joomla 3.x tags system. Please find the Tags box and click on it to choose tags that will indicate which artiles wil
obRSS 3.1.14 released with option to hide Feeds from Feed List Menu 21 July 2014 This is also a function added to obRSS from the feedback of our dear customer. Accessing Joomla Menu >> Main Menu >> obRSS and you will find this Exclude Feeds option in obRSS Page Settings tab. Just clicking there to select Feeds you don't want to show in your obRSS Menu Feed List, a
obRSS 3.1.16 released withSEF link added in backend 22 August 2014 For obRSS 3.1.16 a new SEF tab has been included in obRSS Global Configuration that allow you to setup SEF URLs for your Feeds. Access this tab and you will see that there are options to set URL prefix for every Feed Format that you will need. Our precious customers can start download this new
obRSS 3.1.17 released with option to customize Read-more text and more 27 August 2014 Yesterday we have released version 3.1.17 for obRSS with 2 more options to let give you more control on the content of your RSS Feed.  If you want to show articles in deeper level than the level set with option "Access", you can switch "Only This Access Level" to "No". . This option would help
obRSS 3.1.4 released, fixed dashboard bug on Joomla 2.5 04 December 2013
obRSS plugins Bundle 16 September 2012 All obRSS plugins
obRSS Plugins/Addons Compatible list 26 January 2014 obRSS 3.x compatible list Compatible: Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.x Here are the list of obRSS addon/plugin which compatible to obRSS 3.x (this list will be updated oftenly): AdsManager Cobalt DocMan DTRegister FLEXIcontent HikaShop HwdMediaShare JEvents JReviews jShopping K2 Kunena Po
obSocialSubmit Plugins/Addons Compatible list 26 January 2014 obSocialSubmit MI (2.x for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x for Joomla 3.x) compatible list Here are the list of obSocialSubmit addon/plugin which compatible to obSocialSubmit MI (this list will be updated oftenly): Cobalt HikaShop JEvents JReviews jShopping K2 Kunena rokQuickCart RSEvents Pro RSS Me
Phoca Download 26 June 2014 Phoca Download plugin for obRSS
Podcast Manager 26 June 2014 Podcast Manager plugin for obRSS
Projectfork 26 June 2014 Projectfork plugin for obRSS
Property 26 June 2014 Property plugin for obRSS
QuickFAQ 26 June 2014 QuickFAQ RSS Feed plugin for obRSS
redEVENT 09 September 2012 redEVENT plugin for obRSS
redSHOP 09 September 2012 redSHOP plugin for obRSS
redSHOP plugin for obRSS, 3.1.3 released, compatible obRSS 3.x & redSHOP 1.3.x 04 December 2013
Remository 26 June 2014 Remository RSS feed plugin for obRSS
RokQuickCart 23 June 2014 RokQuickCart plugin for obRSS
RSEvents RSS Feed by obRSS - additional elements added in 1.9 28 April 2013 Recently, a customer of ours requested a new feature for RSEvents addon for obRSS, which added several RSEvents event fields to RSS additional elements/tags: <date> <location> <img> out from description such obRSS has done for <title>....</title> <link>....&
RSEvents!Pro 31 July 2014 RSEvents plugin for obRSS
RSS Merge 26 June 2014 RSS Merge plugin for obRSS
SobiPro 17 July 2014 SobiPro RSS Feed for obRSS
Turn off Cache Settings for your RSS Feed 03 December 2013 When you turn on the Cache settings in your RSS Feed, it will need Cache Time (default is: 3600 seconds) for the Feed Settings changes to be effected. In the case you want to test your RSS Feed settings, it's highly recommend to turn off the Cache settings in the testing time. After that, it's also
VirtueMart 08 September 2012 Virtuemart RSS Feed plugin for obRSS
Working on DOCman plugin for obRSS, late night here 04 December 2013
ZOO 09 September 2012 ZOO plugin for obRSS
Zoo Adapter 3.3.1 for obRSS is released with new options for Author Field 21 July 2014 Users will have more options in controlling the display of Feed item Author with this new 3.3.1 version for Zoo Adapter. They can now choose to display Author of the Feed item with User Id, Author Alias, or User Name. This function comes from a request of our dear customer, and since it's a nice fun
ZOO RSS Feed by obRSS, 3.1.5 released, fixed route problem 20 February 2014
ZOO RSS Feed by obRSS, 3.2.0 released, multiple textarea support 14 March 2014 A week ago, we released ZOO RSS Feed by obRSS, 3.1.8 version which fixed minor bugs. Our RSS Feed Syndicate Joomla Extension is very active project of ours and we have just released 3.2.0 version for ZOO RSS Feed by obRSS. In this new version, multiple textarea is now supported. Existing custome

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