Almond Classifieds 16 September 2012 Almond Classifieds adapter for obSocialSubmit
Auto post from Joomla to Blogspot / Blogger using obSocialSubmit 07 February 2014 The best Joomla Auto Social Publishing Extension - obSocialSubmit itself provide ability to publish from any Joomla third-party extensions to any Social Networks. We recently extend the meaning of "Social networks", obSocialSubmit can publish not only to real social networks but Invision Power Boar
Auto posting with obSocialSubmit VKontakte Add-on 02 May 2014 To broadcast updates from your Joomla website automatically on your profile on VKontakte, please follow the steps bellow: Step 1 - Create a VKontakte Connection After Installing VKontact Add-on through obSocialSubmit Plugin Manager, please go back to the Stream Manager page and click on the <&l
Auto Stand 26 June 2014 Auto Stand adapter for obSocialSubmit
Automatically publish K2 items to social networks 27 May 2011 Joomla Social Submit - obSocialSubmit is the ultimate automated internet marketing tool. It is all you need to automatically publish updates from your Joomla! website to common social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Group... and more. With its various Adapters, one for every
Broadcasting on LinkedIn Company Page with obSocialSubmit - User Guide 23 June 2014 LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that is mainly used for professional networking, and it is the perfect online base in case you want to add network element to your business and therefore, draw more business from the internet. obSocialSubmit LinkedIn Company add-on is the pl
Broadcasting on LinkedIn Groups with obSocialSubmit - User Guide 27 May 2014 LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that is mainly used for professional networking, and it is the perfect online base in case you want to add network element to your business and therefore, draw more business from the internet. obSocialSubmit LinkedIn Groups add-on is the p
Broadcasting on LinkedIn with obSocialSubmit - User Guide 17 April 2014 LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that is mainly used for professional networking, and it is the perfect online base in case you want to add network element to your business and therefore, draw more business from the internet. obSocialSubmit LinkedIn add-on is the
Community Answers 26 June 2014 Community Answers adapter for obSocialSubmit
Community Polls 26 June 2014 Community Polls adapter for obSocialSubmit
Community Quotes 26 June 2014 Community Quotes adapter for obSocialSubmit
Docman 26 June 2014 Docman adapter for obSocialSubmit
EventList 26 June 2014 EventList adapter for obSocialSubmit
FLEXIcontent Adapter for obSocialSubmit 06 June 2014 FLEXIcontent adapter for obSocialSubmit
Generate content for social networks auto posting with Content Adapter 03 April 2014 obSocialSubmit works by submitting content from your Joomla website to various social networks automatically every time there is an update. It will help you reach the most audiences as it brings your announcements to all your friends and followers. obSocialSubmit can handle auto posting on common so
HikaShop 27 February 2013 HikaShop adapter for obSocialSubmit
Hot Property 26 June 2014 Hot Property adapter for obSocialSubmit
JCal Pro 26 June 2014 JCal Pro adapter for obSocialSubmit
jDownloads 26 June 2014 jDownloads adapter for obSocialSubmit
JEvents 26 June 2014 jEvents adapter for obSocialSubmit
JoomGallery 26 June 2014 JoomGallery adapter for obSocialSubmit
Joomla auto post from K2 Extension 03 May 2014 K2 adapter of obSocialSubmit
Joomla auto post on LinkedIn 21 February 2013 LinkedIn connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post on LinkedIn Company 23 June 2014 LinkedIn Company connection add-on of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post on LinkedIn Group 21 February 2013 LinkedIn Groups connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post to Blogger / Blogspot 07 February 2014 Blogger connection of obsocialsubmit
Joomla auto post to Facebook Add-on 21 February 2013 Facebook connection of obSocialSubmit
Joomla auto post to Facebook Group Add-on 21 February 2013 Facebook Groups connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post to Facebook Page Add-on 21 February 2013 Facebook Page connection of obSocialSubmit
Joomla auto post to Tumblr Profile 13 May 2014 Tumblr connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla auto post to VKontakte 02 May 2014 Vkontakte connection of obSocialsubmit
Joomla! Black Friday is Coming... 25 November 2014 The program is closed. In this season, we have big offers for you to get the best Joomla! Extensions in the market for increadible price, I'm not sure we can provide this kinda offer again. The season sale will be available til the Cyber Monday next week. It's time to save your mon
JoomShopping 27 February 2013 JoomShopping adapter for obSocialSubmit
JReviews 26 June 2014 JReviews adapter for obSocialSubmit
K2 Adapter 3.4.3 for obSocialSubmit released with fixed JText issue 03 May 2014 The issue with JText is eliminated in this version 3.4.3 for K2 Adapter for obSocialSubmit. Valid customers please get it from your Downloads Area to fix this problem.
Kunena 26 June 2014 Kunena adapter for obSocialSubmit
ListBingo 26 June 2014 ListBingo adapter for obSocialSubmit
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From Foobla 19 December 2016 Happy holiday! We would like to take this moment to say thank for your always supporting and trusting us, wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness.
Mosets Tree 26 June 2014 Mosets Tree adapter for obSocialSubmit
No more crazy Facebook App Reviews! One click connection with obSocialSubmit Facebook add-ons 4.0 13 June 2014 Yes!!! All you have to do now is clicking a button and log in with your Facebook Account. No more Facebook Developer Account, no more verification with phone number or credit card, no more Facebook App registering, no more anything. All that keep you from all those sweet auto generated broadcast po
obSocialSubmit 3.4.10 released! Plugins auto activation and multi logs processing is now available. 17 April 2014 In this version of obSocialSubmit, some minor issues has been fixed. Together with it, obSocialSubmit plugins will also be activated automatically after installing. You will no longer have to acces Plugin Manager to do it manually. Multiple log processing is also available. Just select the broadca
obSocialSubmit 3.5.1 realeased for both SI and MI with a renovated User Interface 08 May 2014 Today we at foobla team can finally annouce the release of the awaited obSocialSubmit 3.5.1 for both SI and MI. Both Editions (SI and MI) of this verion will work with Joomla! 3.x, and an even better news is you won't have to go through the compatible list when picking an add-on to work w
obSocialSubmit 3.5.2 released with changed URL Shortener service 23 May 2014 Since we have found a bug that makes URL shorten service stopped working from the report of our dear customers, the new version 3.5.2 is released today to change obSocialSubmit built-in URL shortener to, to ensure the functionality of this awesome extension. Customers are adviced
obSocialSubmit 3.5.5 released with bug fixed for sub-category listing 27 August 2014 With feedback from our dear customers, we have found and fixed a bug in obSocialSubmit default Content Intern that could cause error in listing sub-categories, making it difficult for users to select only articles from subcategories for auto broadcasting on social networks, or if they want to autobr
obSocialSubmit adapters Bundle 21 March 2016 All obSociaSubmit Adapters
obSocialSubmit Blogger Add-on 2.0 is released for Joomla 3.x 21 June 2014 obSocialSubmit Blogger Add-on is now compatible with Joomla 3.x with this newly released 2.0 version.Customers of obSocialSubmit who uses Joomla 3.x can now get this Add-on from our shop for obSocialSubmit and have the benefit of having your Joomla articles automatically published to Blogger/Bl
obSocialSubmit can now automatically post on LinkedIn Company Pages 23 June 2014 With the release of our Linked Company Add-on version 1.0 for obSocialSubmit, our dear customers can now stream content from their Joomla websites automatically on their Company Pages on LinkedIn. obSocialSubmit LinkedIn Company add-on is the plugin that allows obSocialSubmit to automatically bro
obSocialSubmit Connections Bundle 21 March 2016 All obSocialSubmit connections
obSocialSubmit Zoo Add-on 3.1.1 released with bug fixed for Category Select 21 June 2014 From reports from dear customers about cases of errors in obSocialSubmit Zoo Add-on, we have re-examined the add-on and eliminated the bug that made obSocialSubmit unable to select Zoo Categories for their Stream. Current valid customers of obSocialSubmit and Zoo add-on please get this new version
Phoca Download 26 June 2014 Phoca Download adapter for obSocialSubmit
Phoca Gallery 26 June 2014 Phoca Gallery adapter for obSocialSubmit
ProjectFork 26 June 2014 ProjectFork adapter for obSocialSubmit
QuickFAQ 26 June 2014 QuickFAQ adapter for obSocialSubmit
redSHOP 11 June 2014 redSHOP adapter for obSocialSubmit
Remository 26 June 2014 Remository adapter for obSocialSubmit
RSEvent Pro Add-on 3.2.3 for obSocialSubmit released with event icon detect function 15 July 2014 From this new version RSEven Pro add-on for obSocialSubmit will have the ability to detect even icons to use for the automatically generated post that obSocialSubmit broadcast automatically on various social networks. If an event icon doesn't exist, the image in your event description will be used
RSEvents Pro 26 June 2014 RSEvents Pro adapter for obSocialSubmit
RSS Feeds 26 June 2014 RSS Feeds adapter for obSocialSubmit
SermonSpeaker 26 June 2014 Sermon Speaker Adapter for obSocialSubmit
Setting up Twitter Connection for auto posting 01 April 2014 Twitter Connection is the innitial Connection in an obSocialSubmit system. It will take care of auto posting articles from your Joomla website (indicated in the Setup of your Adapters) to your Twitter account.  To create and setup a Twitter Connection, you need to access obSocialSubmit Co
Simple Calendar 26 June 2014 Simple Calendar adapter for obSocialSubmit
Simple Review Adapter for obSocialSubmit 26 June 2014 Simple Review adapter for obSocialSubmit
VirtueMart 22 August 2014 Virtuemart adapter for obSocialSubmit
ZOO 22 August 2014 ZOO adapter of obSocialSubmit
Zoo Adapter 3.2 for obSocialSubmit released with SEF option 22 August 2014 A SEF option has been added into the Advanced Settings tab of Zoo Adapter 3.2 for obSocialSubmit. An installation of this new Add-on will allow you to use SEF URLs on auto-broadcasting posts that obSocialSubmit automatically send to social network channels on your behalf from Joomla Zoo. Customer

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