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Rss is an must nowdays,the problem on the most components available for joomla,is that they don't have RSS integer.This component solve this major problem,i used with docman wich does not have yet RSS functionality and also with k2,wich was great. Except that,this truly helps you,as google accepts not only xml sitemap,but also rss feeds,is more easy to submit the content from the rss,so the google crawlers now where to look and do their job. The support was always on time,on 24 hours,and Tran is an great guy,and explained very clearly how to setup everything fast and smoth,is very easy to work with this component,the only recomandation that i can do on this component is mostly for newbies to have an pdf book guide for the webmaster with no so much experience,but it's very easy to setup everything on it,and get the rss from every important part of your website,so you can promote it.

Using obRSS on Joomla! 3.2

This is perfectly,for sharing your content directly to social networks. On the updated version,i saw that they added functionality even to submit your content to forums,or your blog,wich is great. It will definetely solve you alot of problems and time,because it can be interconected with all the social network,wich is very good from my side of view,because if you have to conect to twitter,to fb and then to linkedin to submit your content manualy,your losing alot of time,with this component you can concentrate on writing good articles for your visitators,and the rest is done by this component. The only cons of this component,but mostly is an cons from google api+ from what i finded out,is that you cannot post in google+ at this time,because their api does not allow the developers to develop an plugin,to be able to do so.Hope that google api change,so we can have on google+ on this great joomla component. Except that,is great,and Phong,solved me all the problems and helped me to setup it everything corectly on it,so it runs smooth!

I only have 3 words for this component that will say it all:The Best Tool. Does all that is says,the support received from Tung,was very good,and this guy,solved me all the issues that i haved on setup this component. You will surely need his support,because this component is very technical and not so easy to setup by yourself. This component haves lots of functionality and stuff,and truly needs and pdf book with clearly explaination of all the functions,and what does each function,as the component is very good,but also very very technicaly even for an webmaster with large experience in using latest tehnologies.

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